10th July 2014

(C) 2014

My poems 'At Low Tide', 'Why The Sound Of Your Heart Hurts My Head', 'Survival' and

'The Flood' appear in the latest issue of Neon Literary Magazine #38 and can be read for free online or purchased in a perfect-bound 70 page format here. Neon publishes three times a year with tastes that tend towards the dark and the surreal.

10th July 2014

I have a new poem 'SCARECROW' featured at Outlaw Poetry which is one of the longest running online lit magazines and features some of my favourite writers. My poem can be read by clicking here.

5th November  2017

Wishing you a belated happy new year! My poem 'TRUCE' has been published at Outlaw Poetry and can be read by clicking here.

6th January  2018